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Another ctf by me. Includes waypoints by me. Took around and hour laying polygons and scenery / shading. Another hour and a half waypointing.



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Written by Ivel

5/5 stars

I gotta say your best map VISUALY. Layout is a bit Eh, but visuals OWN, GREAT JOB!!!

Written by iDante

4/5 stars

Actually pretty nice map.I like how it looks but the layout needs a bit more... flair.

Written by Blue-ninja

5/5 stars

This is sure to be a default map, for sure. I can see it being added to Snipe & Slice. :)

Written by SonSukka

4/5 stars

lol i like this map, i also had one duel already in this map :P usually prob with maps is the sceneries, ur missing a lot of sceneries wich maybe good in this map.. but fucking good work anyways.

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