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"Once uppon a time there was a place known as the paradise garden... gods and humans lived there together as one... until the day that the humans betrayed the gods.... they spread and the garden was left empty and forgotten to the death" WzzP there.... i got some inspiration for this map from vtt's old map Gothic(wich was one of my favorites) some of it is inspired but alot of it is also my own style work... as you maybe can see there are only 2 ways to go... this is because of the map length and highnes... it aint quite high but it is long so the gameplay is still good... also the clouds top shape in the top of the map aint noticeable ingame...(just looks crappie on screenie) jet fuel is set to normal... also please tell me if you find any polybugs in the map so they can get fixed.. all i have to say now is please comment and critic:)



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Written by NamelessWolf on May 08, 2020 @ 10:40 PM


Very nice map. I'm working on a remake for Trenchwar, which has only one level + it's got bunkers. Be sure to check that one out.

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NamelessWolf says: In perspective the map wasn't good at all, but I made something. Haha :)

jrgp says: Nice to see you Ivel :) I'm committed to keeping this site up forever. Also really cool map Wolf ;D

NamelessWolf says: Check out the map I just uploaded! https://tms.jrgp.org/2010/?map=1884

NamelessWolf says: lvel said it right. I also love that this site is up and running.

Ivel says: i love that this still exists.

Ivel says: yoooo

The_Ghost says: 2020 :P

darDar says: TMS > Steam Workshop :P

The_Ghost says: ayy new msg ;D pls back to soldat and join Midgard discord https://discord.gg/Jr8CFQu

Grandpa says: hi


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