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This is aliens vs human war!!! Deimos is one of the moons of Mars, and you are there to fly through space and make your race proud! ; Made by As de Espada and erMel (although erMel didn't touched the pc, he gave significant ideas) ; Recomended players: 4-6 ; Waypointed: YES ; There are basicaly 3 routes: mid, tunnels, and up (flying, helped by the meteor) ; Both bases are kind protected, but taking the flag and running is really fast. To the contest! The scenery that comes with the map was default on version 1.4, but then they removed the map ctf_Conquest, and the scenery with it TT



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Written by Ivel

5/5 stars

I see creativity ;D

Written by Henito Kisou

5/5 stars
Henito Kisou

I see too >;> but omg I'll never be skilled mapper today standards are outstanding for me maybe in future>;>, thank God I am modder, I like crater and "alien hive"? also alien ship.

Written by SonSukka

4/5 stars

this is really really nice! i give 4/5 only because its those bases. they make the map not so cool. u need more stuff there, not just a tree and a computer to human's side. alien side is fine, but should still have some more. good work anyways As De Espada!

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jrgp says: Whoa it's Doc776! Good to see you!

Doc says: *from the grave* /poke

NamelessWolf says: In perspective the map wasn't good at all, but I made something. Haha :)

jrgp says: Nice to see you Ivel :) I'm committed to keeping this site up forever. Also really cool map Wolf ;D

NamelessWolf says: Check out the map I just uploaded! https://tms.jrgp.org/2010/?map=1884

NamelessWolf says: lvel said it right. I also love that this site is up and running.

Ivel says: i love that this still exists.

Ivel says: yoooo

The_Ghost says: 2020 :P

darDar says: TMS > Steam Workshop :P


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