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Map created for the UFO-theme in Mapping Contest #1. The theme besides the ufos aren't entirely new, and the layout isn't quite bold. It best serves the purpose of 5-6-player deathmatches, and best suited to all-out knife war.



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Written by SonSukka

4/5 stars

wrong used multitexture, awfull shading. too much opacity with some sceneries. but scenery usage is good, and ufos are cool..

Written by fireblade212

5/5 stars

the looks of it look soo awesome, does look a tad overdoing on the grass/rocks but its very nice

Written by As de Espada

4/5 stars
As de Espada

too big scenerys, but nice astek style

Written by ~Niko~

5/5 stars

Absolutely NICE, nice multitexturing and background, shades & general nature. SonSukka doesn't understand anything about maps :P

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