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"Once uppon a time in the old ancient history when the earth had it first days a blue and cold planet called Icet smashed down on the earth and created all water and ice. the day after a red and hot planet called Firet smashed down on the earth and created all fire and lava. Icet and Firet lived in peace together with each other until the day the human beings came to earth and cutted down the woods and burned it. They unleash energie wich melts the great ice areas in the most north and south of earth.... Now Icet and Firet got enough and they put together all their ragefull powers and unleashes it on earth to create... Firce! the most dangerous place found in the coldest area at the hottest place... this is a reminder to all human beings that they should respect both Firet and Icet" ctf_Firce is my newest map and its quite special because i made some huge layout changes when i was doing the map... first i wanted to make an ice themed map but when i was done with it it look'ed too much like Blade and Ice beam... then i wanted to make a fire themed map but when i was done with it it looked too much like Hot beam... So i decieded to smash it together and out of that came Firce:) you can flag throw and shoot through the 4 beams that is placed around in the map 2 fires 2 ice The polygon soils that covers the end of the player spawns is only bullet collides so the flagger have a chance to get aways and not just get shot just when players spawn and so spawnkilling is harder to do.... besides that all of the map exists of ice polygons so now please comment and critic:)



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