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Noir themed map. Not final version.



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Written by Blacksheepboy on November 04, 2009 @ 06:22 PM

2/5 stars

I recommend you either remove the stat gun or put it further left as it is currently in a terrible position (Bravo spawn-killing is what I foresee).

The concept is fantastic. I wish I had thought this up. But, you need at least 1 more alternate route. I recommend making sections where you can get into the buildings to go through them. There are unlimited things you can do for indoor sections (swimming pools, elevator shafts, plain ol' offices/hallways, concert hall... you name it). Have you ever played Sim Tower? If so, think of it like that (if not, I suggest Googling it), but at a more realistic scale.

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jrgp says: Whoa it's Doc776! Good to see you!

Doc says: *from the grave* /poke

NamelessWolf says: In perspective the map wasn't good at all, but I made something. Haha :)

jrgp says: Nice to see you Ivel :) I'm committed to keeping this site up forever. Also really cool map Wolf ;D

NamelessWolf says: Check out the map I just uploaded! https://tms.jrgp.org/2010/?map=1884

NamelessWolf says: lvel said it right. I also love that this site is up and running.

Ivel says: i love that this still exists.

Ivel says: yoooo

The_Ghost says: 2020 :P

darDar says: TMS > Steam Workshop :P


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