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It was originally supposed to be a deathmatch map, but I guess I got carried away. :P I'll try and make a DM version of it if you like it. Layout's pretty simple, because I didn't plan it out that well. UFOs act as a spray-sheild.



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Written by fireblade212

5/5 stars

i sit here for 5 min thinking,, 4.. or 5.. i pick 5, this map is posible for spawn snipeing, but i think the art and texture of the map is very nice, so i pick 5, and i really like the layut

Written by Wraithlike

5/5 stars

This might be the coolest map i've ever seen. The theme is so cool and trippy, I love it.

Written by Ivel

5/5 stars

I agree with the sniping, but the UFO job and the overall GFX are beautiful1! Blue NinVtt ;D

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