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This is my first actual finished map that I ever made for Soldat. I wanted something like an arena for snipers and yet it turned out even more. Pleayers would start at teh sides inside the building or outside, teh midle portion has shield that you can nter and there is like a panel that can bounce you just high enof to reach teh floating place in teh midle. perfect for sniping and hinding and sneak attackas and such, there can be a number of strategies used in this map. It supports evry game mode. And for bots it suports CTF fully. And maybe even death match.



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Written by jrgp

4/5 stars

I like. The shading is nice. I love those buildings. Nice waypoints. I can't waypoynt for crap :(

Written by iDante

3/5 stars

I say not bad for a first. Some suggestions:
1.Make the ground thicker. it looks nice.
2. Add scenery to the ground not just in buildings. here you can do bushes and stuff to hide in, because maps with little scenery get boring after a while.

Written by Ivel

5/5 stars

if its an arena for snipers, its well done ;)

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jrgp says: Whoa it's Doc776! Good to see you!

Doc says: *from the grave* /poke

NamelessWolf says: In perspective the map wasn't good at all, but I made something. Haha :)

jrgp says: Nice to see you Ivel :) I'm committed to keeping this site up forever. Also really cool map Wolf ;D

NamelessWolf says: Check out the map I just uploaded! https://tms.jrgp.org/2010/?map=1884

NamelessWolf says: lvel said it right. I also love that this site is up and running.

Ivel says: i love that this still exists.

Ivel says: yoooo

The_Ghost says: 2020 :P

darDar says: TMS > Steam Workshop :P


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