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"you wake up in a boat leaved out on the sea. you are hungy you are thirsty but you dont got any supplies theres is a huge thunderstorm you are surrounded by slippy cliffs then you begin to CLIMB" wazzup there heres my latest map(my best until now if you ask me) it is non gridded and multitextured check it out and see what you think. comment and critic with all you got tips is also accepted



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It's 2018. Looking forward to Steam release?

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Last: 06/18/2019 @ 04:48 PM

The_Ghost says: ayy new msg ;D pls back to soldat and join Midgard discord https://discord.gg/Jr8CFQu

Grandpa says: hi

The_Ghost says: 2019 ^^

jrgp says: 2019 :P

Slasher says: 2018 :P

As de Espada says: the poll is 2 years old :P

jrgp says: Meh

Blue-ninja says: cyka blyat

jrgp says: Nice to see you. Now make some maps and upload them xD

iDante says: it's like going back in time :)


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