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Made by As de Epada and erMel ; This is the first map of the new gamemod: Vertical. It consist in a ctf where the flags are vertically disposed on the map, and the gameplay flow is mainly vertical. Don't need too much jets, polyjumps are there to help in the balance. No nades in the map, only the starting ones. We tested it with 2-6 people, and 4 is the best. The ctf_Vr_ is the beginning of a vertical map. ; We putted some colors in the map, because only yellow is boring. Hope you have fun!



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Written by DeeJay on February 17, 2008 @ 11:38 PM

4/5 stars

I love the idea of the map iself. it could be fun just having a ctf upsid down or even a climb map (stares at ctf___k_blood) ye,fun!

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