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"You are well sleeping in your bed when you get waked of several hard knocks on your door. (KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK) You get up of your bed and jumps in your trousers and sweater and walks over to the door. You opens the door and get knocked down with an iron pipe wielded by an officer from the military..... Your eyes gets dark and your head is banging...." "2 days later you wake up in a nice bed in a place you dont know. Besides your bet lays a black outfit wich you take on and walks out of the room. In the hall you meet the officer who knocked you down and 7 other guys who wears the same outfit as you. You can also see in a far cornor that theres a line of men aiming on you with some guns!!!. The officer tells you that you are gonna follow him if you dont wanna get shot (yet).... You dont see any other ways than just to do what he says... He leads you outside and sets you up on a line.... Its is in the middle of the night. Then he give the guys with the guns order to load them... They take aim at you! They put their fingers and the trigger!!!. THEN SUDDENLY A GRENADE FLY'S OVER JUST INFRONT OF THE OFFICER AND EXPLODES!!!!(booom) A guy(wich you guess was the one who throwed the grenade) Jumps out from the bush he was sitting in and screams ""RUUUUN RUUUN RUUUN"" And you run... you run as fast as you can but the guys with the guns is following you!! luckily you got a black outfit so they cant see and shoot you from a long distance... you run and run and run and the hunt has begun!!" Hello and welcome to my newest maps ctf_Nightfall i wanted to make something new compared to my older maps so i made this with flag throwing possibilitys and parachute spawns:) Instead of just 1 soil of only player collides(as in ctf_Icebeam) ive made 2 in the middle:) this gives you alot of ways to throw the flag on as same time as it gives you the posibility to fly from the low path to the high and from high to low... The distance between the 2 soils also makes it harder to throw flag directly from the Bravo soil to alpha(and from alpha to bravo) so but it is still easy when youve spended like 2 min in the map and learned the tricks about it:) well i hope you like it:) enjoy comment and critic please



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The_Ghost says: 2019 ^^

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