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Back once again and what can I say, I was inspired. Mainly from playing Quake3 Defrag mod, which is equivalent to Soldat's climb, race and m79 freestyle sometimes all combined. I had little trouble testing out animated sceneries, but I had them looking all right ingame in the end, no thanks to Soldat of course. The 'arrows' looks different on overview, but the entirety should look like in the ingame shots. If they appear differently then yell at Soldat, not my map. Map difficulty, I would say between easy/medium. This map has deliberately few places where you can shortcut, some you may discover by accident and some look obvious and very tempting to take the risk of dying for. Hope you enjoy and oh by the way, be careful of anything with electricity running on it, because on skin contact it will shock the trembling fuck out of you.



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The_Ghost says: 2019 ^^

jrgp says: 2019 :P

Slasher says: 2018 :P

As de Espada says: the poll is 2 years old :P

jrgp says: Meh

Blue-ninja says: cyka blyat

jrgp says: Nice to see you. Now make some maps and upload them xD

iDante says: it's like going back in time :)

iDante says: wazaa!

jrgp says: Yoo!


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