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Babel, a work in progress since before December of '07. Very interesting gameplay.



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Written by ElSpec774 on August 09, 2008 @ 11:53 PM

3/5 stars

You probably already read this comment at the official forums, but in case you didn't.

Scenery is too bright, I'd make them darker even though this is a daytime setting map. Those two platforms in the upper corners of the map in the central areas won't be used too often. Although you can access them and use it as an height advantage, I don't think anyone will use them anyway, the hill gives you enough. The middle route leading to the team's flag is extremely tight and will make any Spas-12 lover's day. It also invites cheap M79s and nades.

I've seen maps before that have similar building structure made from polygons and they never gave good FPS, but I'm surprised you only use so minimal without it looking terrible and still give good FPS. The polygon effects in the bottom section are also a nice add. From this point, I can tell you've pretty much mastered waypoints.

It's a very basic map with very basic gameplay. Tight in some areas. It would actually be kind of boring since the gameplay is so average, but those buildings and effects really give the map more life. 3-Star quality.

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