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ctf_Lil' Port Town


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Bravos come in with their little boats to check out the area to find out that this town is alpha owned territory. With that discovery, the Bravos decide that they want this port for their own since it is a main strategic point in the never-ending War of the Alphas and Bravos. The Alpha team gather it's small militia to fend off the invading Bravos, attempting to recapture their "lil' port town." +Version 1.2



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Written by As de Espada on March 16, 2008 @ 10:12 PM

5/5 stars
As de Espada

yep, strange, I didn't test it, but I seems to play well. Much better than the older one ;
+++ creativity

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jrgp says: Whoa it's Doc776! Good to see you!

Doc says: *from the grave* /poke

NamelessWolf says: In perspective the map wasn't good at all, but I made something. Haha :)

jrgp says: Nice to see you Ivel :) I'm committed to keeping this site up forever. Also really cool map Wolf ;D

NamelessWolf says: Check out the map I just uploaded! https://tms.jrgp.org/2010/?map=1884

NamelessWolf says: lvel said it right. I also love that this site is up and running.

Ivel says: i love that this still exists.

Ivel says: yoooo

The_Ghost says: 2020 :P

darDar says: TMS > Steam Workshop :P


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