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ctf_Happy Day


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Made by As de Espada and erMel ; Players: 2-4 ; This is suppose to be a joke. We started this map like 6 mounths ago, and it was supposed to be a normal map, as you can see on SS1. The map was forgotten. But, a mounth ago, we had nothing to do, and it was 3:30 am. So we kinda was searshing our old projects, and in this one we started colorizing and puting some random scenrys. The map was set in an other period of sleep. 3 days ago we finaly finished the map. Hope you enjoy it's colours!



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Written by jrgp

5/5 stars

Whoa. Looks defaultishy. I like the colors. Shading isn't bad. Scenery usage looks cool. GJ

Written by fireblade212

5/5 stars

gj, like the sun its cartoonish :) love the way the sun light is in shade behind the ground, gj

Written by Dr. Eagles

2/5 stars
Dr. Eagles

It would be better if it was much larger and was changed into a DM. Right now, as a CTF, it doesn't work at all.

Written by SonSukka on December 30, 2007 @ 03:09 PM

5/5 stars

what a lovely map! i can do this kinda maps only using beer- backup...

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