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Boogie Hive


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Quick little zombie map I threw together after finding that hexagon tile graphic that is the basis of the background here. It's an infinite jet zombie map with the players flying up through the maze to capture the Bravo flag as zombies rain down and drain through the pit at the bottom. The waypointing is pretty good here, though the bots will get stuck trying to score when blown off course. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough waypoints allowed by Soldat to keep that from happening.



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It's 2018. Looking forward to Steam release?

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Last: 06/18/2019 @ 04:48 PM

The_Ghost says: ayy new msg ;D pls back to soldat and join Midgard discord https://discord.gg/Jr8CFQu

Grandpa says: hi

The_Ghost says: 2019 ^^

jrgp says: 2019 :P

Slasher says: 2018 :P

As de Espada says: the poll is 2 years old :P

jrgp says: Meh

Blue-ninja says: cyka blyat

jrgp says: Nice to see you. Now make some maps and upload them xD

iDante says: it's like going back in time :)


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