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ctf_Iron my newest map and also my first ctf map as this is my first ctf map i would really like some comments on it cause i know that ctf is a quite hard map to make beside dm. the map is in a irontheme with brown colours and so on i wanted to make this map because i wanted to make a small but big ctf map.. so i made the border size small but the inside of the border big because of the 4 routes. the routes are Upper: Safer than some of the others and with a chance of getting exclusive bonuses Mid-upper: Fast and therefor crowded and dangerous as it leads to the flag and enemy spawn Mid-Lower: The same as mid upper with the difference that it is a little slower but you can go from there to lower to avoid your enemy lower: Slower than the mid's but safer and with a chance to pick up nades. and you can also go from there to mid-lower in few steps i wanted to try the "light" shading technic mixed with custom shadings so this is what came out:) comment and critic:) enjoy-----Scerip



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