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Map by Tim (KamikazeDuck) Jeffs, created for the "default themed" mapping contest. It's beautifully waypointed. Slide your way to victory!



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Written by jrgp

5/5 stars

Finally, a map that's a real gamemode. Looks great, man. GJ

Written by ~Niko~

4/5 stars

Just get a saw and rush the tunnel, there are undefaultish sceneries (fx). Colors are good, maybe too thin polys.
Those spikes looks very good, 4/5 because it's waypointed. ;D

Written by Mr. Domino

4/5 stars
Mr. Domino

This is really a great looking map, and thankfully your view of "default style" didn't sway itself into stupid ugly ctf_Death2 or ctf_Kampf territory. Still, I have to wonder how effective the layout is, as the narrow vertical tunnels would seem to cause too much of a bottleneck for Alpha to get pass with no real room to evade or retaliate when trying to exit. The drop will further be an issue as most INF servers are set on realistic, which will pose further harm to Alpha via falling damage. I would also have to say what the map is "beautiful," the waypoints are not, as tests off-line in INF mode and on-line in a CTF server had bots more or less just camping by both flag locations with no real movement. Still, this remains a unique and fantastic looking map, and it works well enough for zombies by design, too. :)

Written by RatBoy

4/5 stars

One of the best maps I've seen in many weeks. I believe your map totally deserves first place right now. Great job.

Written by viggolo on January 21, 2008 @ 11:42 AM

3/5 stars

looks good. The gameplay looks horrible, but it might be promising. It is definitely original.

Written by fireblade212 on March 25, 2008 @ 07:54 PM

3/5 stars

looks like a bit of bugs in it..

Written by Blue-ninja on April 04, 2008 @ 07:38 PM

5/5 stars

It's pretty easy to cap on this map in the zombie servers. Waypoints or no, it still kinda complicates things when you're staring down a couple of zombies with flamer near the end of the map.

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