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A fixed version of my original puzzle map, ctf_Explore. Flags have been added, minor polygon tweaks and players can no longer fall left at the beginning. Map by Tim (KamikazeDuck) Jeffs



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Written by jrgp

5/5 stars

I LOVE THIS MAP! I remember playing and beating it around a year ago. I have never forgotten. Thanks a lot for uploading it.

Written by Kamikaze

5/5 stars

Best map I've ever played...I got so pissed when I oculdn't find it anywhere after re-installing my computer...Then I tound it(at soldatforums I think...) and it made me so happy...Super good map KamikazeDuck...

Written by viggolo on January 21, 2008 @ 11:40 AM

4/5 stars

looks good and probably is good. Never played it though, never will probably.
( Btw I was the first to create the explore idea, only it was not explore, but escape. The map is ctf_esc_prison and it has not been released yet- lmao. dunno if it will. I completely support esc/explore maps!)

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