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Space Station Zombie


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Huge space themed zombie map recommended for 20-30 bots. Based around a boost jumping obstacle and inspired by elements of Strider and Metroid. The only custom graphics in this map are images of Saturn and the star field. The teleporter at the end is ripped directly from Mat-na's ctf_Warp.



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The_Ghost says: ayy new msg ;D pls back to soldat and join Midgard discord https://discord.gg/Jr8CFQu

Grandpa says: hi

The_Ghost says: 2019 ^^

jrgp says: 2019 :P

Slasher says: 2018 :P

As de Espada says: the poll is 2 years old :P

jrgp says: Meh

Blue-ninja says: cyka blyat

jrgp says: Nice to see you. Now make some maps and upload them xD

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