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Hey hey hey! There's my new map after a long while without do any. I hope someone upload it to his INF server (I hope Leo do). I tested the gameplay a bunch of times and it's fine, you can get faster side-to-side the flow of the map. .:: The history ::. Alpha's team has arrived near the enemy bunker to backup other side teammates. They must cooperate to break the enemy's defenses and win. .:: The place ::. Desert of Arizona .:: Special thanks ::. Avarax: For his great sun. (I used it in 2 maps) Wraithlike: For his bunker of tw_Anoxi, the oasis, the turrets and the fire (A lot of thanks AND REALLY SORRY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED) Skykanden: For give me ideas like place an oasis. (My best Soldat friend Wink)



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Written by Wraithlike

3/5 stars

Alright, It is a pretty map. He seems genuinely sorry, and I'll let it slip just once. I posted the PM he sent me on the soldat forums topic as well as my reply and a temporary re-host of the map until he gets it back up here. I'm giving it a 3 now, because i haven't actually played it, but it looks nice, so I figure, 1/2 way there.

Written by Ivel

4/5 stars

Wraithlike, he deserves more credit.

This map is beautiful, I'll be honest, I have not downloaded it, so I cannot judge gameplay, although its eyecandy for me atleast, and seems like you put a lot effort. Gj man!

Written by Mr. Domino

2/5 stars
Mr. Domino

Even though I wasn't asked, I was glad to see someone liked my unfinished Deep Boogie map's boat to use it (albeit somewhat crippled by the prefabbed use), only to find out the entire map is cut-and-paste with apparently no original content. What I do like is the design of the map, using a split INF approach to a TW-style map. Aside from that, the texture stretching and coloring look almost random, and the set pieces really don't gel well together. (For example, you have Wraithlike's oasis in what appears to be a very well watered area).

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